A Brush through the Seasons

A Brush through the Seasons

Published in 2004 by P&D Publishing in conjunction with Abbey Publications

“Ros has the eye and skill for creating life on paper. The pictures are simply superb. They are full of atmosphere, depth and movement”
- Jack Russell MBE FRSA MA(hons)

This book is a glimpse of country sports and the fascinating array of people and animals involved with those traditions of British country life. It is through living these pursuits as an active sportswoman that Ros is able to capture such vivid representations with her brushes. “She has scaled mountains, walked for miles in adverse conditions, ridden stock horses, mustered cattle in the Australian outback and taken endless samples of leaves, twigs, grass - even clothing - in pursuit of her art,” is a comment by a dear friend and country contemporary, Jane Richards.

Ros creates a feeling of familiarity between the viewer and her subjects. Indeed, she stresses that these characters are at the heart of her love of country life. She says, “They are content with where they are, no matter what their walk of life. They have a sort of serenity - and a great sense of humour.”

Below is a selection of the work presented in the book. Click on the artwork to view a larger image.

Adrian Bruce-Smythe Ros Goody Aston Shoot Ros Goody Anticipation Ros Goody David Hall
Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody
Edgar Ros Goody Fox Ros Goody Second Mount Ros Goody Team Work
Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody Ros Goody
Tony Ros Goody Cheshire Beagles Ros Goody Approaching Mist Ros Goody Spud