British Country Sports

The field sports of the British Isles have been in my blood since I was a small child and I have always had a passion for drawing horses. Many of my friends are connected with farming and country life, so it follows that my art and my life are complementary.

I am never short of projects with invitations to various country venues, enough for a lifetime of painting! I love going out with country people; they are full of character, humour and wisdom and their zest for life is second to none! The people and their animals are the essence of my work: I love the camaraderie and the strong bonds that exist between them.

Those feelings are so powerful when I am painting. The days spent in pursuit of ideas and images are essential. Whatever the weather or the season, I need to see the patchwork of colours, the changing light, the postures of the participants and the temperament of the animals. Being there enables me to bring to life the atmosphere and energy of those moments.

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Home for the Night Ros Goody Surveyed the Scene Ros Goody Team Work Ros Goody The A Team

Home for the Night


Surveyed the Scene


Team Work


The A Team

The Beater Ros Goody Shallow Waters Ros Goody Through the Gate Ros Goody Time to Move Off

The Beater


Shallow Waters


Through the Gate


Time to Move Off

Tying the Fly Ros Goody Winter Sunshine Ros Goody Well Done! Ros Goody End of the First Drive

Tying the Fly


Winter Sunshine


Well Done!


End of the First Drive