Giclée Reproductions

Giclée prints are the blending of fine art and state-of-the-art technology. Printed on the highest quality archival paper and guaranteed for 100 plus years, giclées have all the continuous tone characteristics, colour saturation and detail of the original artwork.

A series of proofs is printed (not unlike the proofing process used in other printmaking techniques) until the final satisfactory proof is created. This final proof - the bon-a-tirer proof - is then signed by the artist.

The word “giclée” is French from the verb “gicler” which means “to splatter” or “to project”. Controlled by the computer and the final proof file, the giclée printer projects the inks onto the paper to create the giclée print.

Be assured that you are buying a museum-quality print. Major museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum, the British Museum, the National Museum of Art to name a few, have exhibited giclée art. Furthermore, the Smithsonian Institution will be using the giclée technique to reproduce many of its vintage photographs.

The use and promotion of the giclée technique by prominent museums worldwide has assured its success in the art world.

Mustering the Woollybutt Ros Goody Riders of the Mist Ros Goody When Evening Shadows Lengthen Ros Goody Sal and Mouse

Mustering the Woollybutt
- edition 75


Riders of the Mist
- edition 75


When Evening Shadows Lengthen - edition 75


Sal and Mouse
- edition 75

Every Dog has it's Day Ros Goody The Boys in Blue Ros Goody Lazy Sunday Afternoon Ros Goody It's a Dog's Life

Every Dog has it’s Day
- edition 75


The Boys in Blue
- edition 50


Lazy Sunday Afternoon
- edition 50


It’s a Dog’s Life
- edition 50

The Horn Is Blown, The Hunt Is Up! Ros Goody Winter Sunshine Ros Goody Ros Goody

The Horn is Blown,
The Hunt is Up! - edition 20


Winter Sunshine
- edition 50