People and Places

I take my sketchbook and camera wherever I travel as I know that at some point I will see something interesting; a tree, wild flowers in a wall, a particular person, indeed anything that I find beautiful, curious, amusing, fascinating. Each of those emotions make me want to draw or paint. I may go to a particular event, horse racing, cricket or country shows where I find so many diverse subjects.

Atmosphere and weather conditions often play their part in my search for new material, pure landscapes come to life in dramatic light, shade, rain or wind.

Sometimes it is one small central focus in a landscape that takes my eye,other times that small object can be the entire picture. I am a fervent ‘people watcher’ and see many characters in the course of my travels. Some of these people just stay in the sketchbook but others I use for paintings.

The natural world is an ever changing medley of images, all different but somehow inseparable.

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Beneath Our Radiant Southern Cross Ros Goody Reflections Ros Goody Sentinels of the Valley Ros Goody Household Cavalry

Beneath Our Radiant Southern Cross




Sentinels of the Valley


Household Cavalry

Boy at the Mountain Race Ros Goody Alan Border Ros Goody In Possession Ros Goody The Standard Bearer

Boy at the Mountain Race


Alan Border


In Possession


The Standard Bearer

Bong Bong Picnic Races Ros Goody The Melee Ros Goody Sydney Harbour Ros Goody Flying the Flag

Bong Bong Picnic Races


The Melee


Sydney Harbour


Flying the Flag