Working Dogs

All dogs are working dogs, if they are allowed to be! There is nothing better than to see the close bond between a dog and his master.

Working dogs are happy, intelligent and alert beings; they positively shine and want to please, this is what I love painting. I usually start with the eyes (after making a rough sketch of proportions) because the eyes tell all, they are the unspoken words and getting that expression is the focus of the work.

I have also noticed that if dogs are used for work they are good natured and obedient - boredom is not an issue. Watching these animals in the field I can understand the body shapes specialised for the work they do, some built for speed and others for different skills and at the end of their working day I have another entire scenario to paint..... the sleeping dog!

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Young Red Ros Goody Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten Ros Goody Two in the Hand Ros Goody Flatcoat Retrievers

Young Red


Close Your Eyes and
Count to Ten


Two in the Hand


Flatcoat Retrievers

In the Bag Ros Goody The Kennel Club Ros Goody Midge Ros Goody It's Off to Work We Go

In the Bag


The Kennel Club




It's Off to Work We Go

His Masters Voice Ros Goody It's A Dog's Life Ros Goody Leader of the Pack Ros Goody Older and Wiser

His Masters Voice


It’s a Dog’s Life


Leader of the Pack


Older and Wiser